clamav rpms for Fedora 8

Submitted by mhy on Thu, 11/08/2012 - 01:06

I have built rpms of clamav 0.97.6 for Fedora 8, by backporting clamav-0.93-1.fc9.src.rpm from Fedora 9 and modifying it to build with clamav-0.97.6.tar.gz. I edited clamav.spec to make it compatible with Fedora 8 and then built the rpms with rpmbuild.


  • I have disabled support for milter.
  • I have enabled unrar support.
  • clamav-data-0.97.6-1.fc8.i386.rpm is not included becase that file is pretty big. Instead, please use
    clamav-data-empty-0.97.6-1.fc8.i386.rpm and then download updates with
  • These rpms are built with bzip2 1.0.6 installed in /usr/local. 1.0.6 fixes a security vulnerability, however the latest available rpm I could find for Fedora 8 was 1.0.4. Therefore I downloaded the 1.0.6 source, compiled and installed to /usr/local, then configured clamav to build using the libbz2 files in /usr/local. This version of clamd is statically linked with libbz2.a.

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That's because "init(clamav-server)" is provided by the clamav-server-sysv rpm, so you must install that first, or at the same time.

I'm trying to install the RPM's with this command:  rpm -Uvh clamav-0.95.3-1.fc8_.i386.rpm clamav-data-empty-0.95.3-1.fc8_.i386.rpm  clamav-debuginfo-0.95.3-1.fc8_.i386.rpm  clamav-devel-0.95.3-1.fc8_.i386.rpm clamav-filesystem-0.95.3-1.fc8_.i386.rpm clamav-lib-0.95.3-1.fc8_.i386.rpm clamav-server-0.95.3-1.fc8_.i386.rpm clamav-server-sysv-0.95.3-1.fc8_.i386.rpm clamav-update-0.95.3-1.fc8_.i386.rpm And get this error: error: Failed dependencies:        data(clamav) > empty conflicts with clamav-data-empty-0.95.3-1.fc8.i386        data(clamav) < full conflicts with clamav-data-0.92.1-2.fc8.i386        clamav-filesystem = 0.92.1-2.fc8 is needed by (installed) clamav-data-0.92.1-2.fc8.i386 Please excuse the noobness ;) Any Adea's?  

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You need to remove the .92 clamav and clamav-* associated packages.  These are the ones I had on my system.  You can remove them with yum if that's how you installed them. clamav.i386                                 0.92.1-4.fc8               installedclamav-data.i386                            0.92.1-4.fc8               installedclamav-devel.i386                           0.92.1-4.fc8               installedclamav-filesystem.i386                      0.92.1-4.fc8               installedclamav-lib.i386                             0.92.1-4.fc8               installedclamav-server.i386                          0.92.1-4.fc8               installedclamav-server-sysv.i386                     0.92.1-4.fc8               installedclamav-update.i386                          0.92.1-4.fc8               installed Once .92 is removed, install the .95 package using the command you showed in your probelm note.  Once installed you need to edit freshclam.conf.  make sure you comment out the Example line on line 8.  If all setting s are acceptable for you then save the file.  Check the setting in clamav.conf for your configuration.  Run:freshclam -u clamav clamd restart This worked fine for a qmail environment.    

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after having done all these above written stuff.when i tried clamd restart, it says can't open the config file /etc/clamd.conf. when i checked the file, it was not there.

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Writing just to say thanks for sharing those files. Much appreciated.Jan

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Simply, many Many MANY thanks!

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Any chance there is an update to 0.97.1 coming?

OK, the src rpm is available here. My uplink is slow (ADSL) so have patience when downloading.

These are the commands I use for my builds:

  • Binaries: rpmbuild -bb --with unrar --without milter clamav.spec
  • Source: rpmbuild -bs --with unrar clamav.spec